Video editing software for YouTubers

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app icon design for Brax

At a recent family gathering, I was introduced to the world of video game YouTubers by a third grader. He watches channels of recorded video game play on YouTube and aspires to become a “YouTuber” one day. The problem is that editing video can be confusing and the more elaborate edits and multiple windows require a strong foundation in digital editing software. It’s hard for a third grader to use software like Premiere or After Effects.

So I conceived an app (“BRAX” for YouTubers) that would make the process of editing game play video easy for wannabe YouTubers. All the required hardware is found on most mobile and desktop computers: a screen for gameplay, a video camera and microphone for the narrating YouTuber.

These are some of the notes took—the things an aspiring YouTuber knows are important.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.29.25 PM.png

Among the most important things:

  1. Ability to simultaneously record video of YouTuber playing/narrating
  2. Logo and identity design of YouTuber channel (e.g. color schemes and watermarks)
  3. Transitions between scenes and gameplay moments


It was a lot of fun talking with the aspiring YouTuber and learning about the culture of recorded video game play.

There are some problems I ran into while developing a prototype. A major one was privacy policies of the App Store. Screen recording technology is largely banned from the app store due to privacy concerns—the fear is that an app that records inter-app content is a risk to users. There is however ReplayKit that was introduced at the WWDC 2016. This extension allows developers to bake gameplay recording into an app, but strictly within the app it is written.

There is the possibility of releasing a screen recording application and video editor outside of the app store and delivering it straight to this aspiring YouTuber on a provisioned profile and serve it from my website. But the utility to others would be lost. Still working on it.




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