478: drawbot drawing circles

This is the first drawing test with the drawbot. I programmed in a routine to step with one motor continuously for (x) amount of seconds when I send the command from my laptop. It gets this command via bluetooth and it spins! With the chalk attached, the motors are asked to do more work, which may prove to be a difficult challenge to overcome with the power it’s currently supplied.


I’ve had a lot of fun designing while building this project. Since a lot of the structural components here are salvaged material, the design follows their form to some degree. It’s also fun designing while building, because there are lots of opportunities to test along the way — leading to small victories and small defeats to celebrate and reiterate.

I’m going to build the chalk extruder next. For this test, I pinched the chalk in there with a clamp tool and started to see how the machine wants to hold the chalk. It turned out to be pretty similar to how we hold chalk in our hands. Part of this was due to the circle program, but it made sense, because if the chalk was perfectly vertical, it would have a large surface area to move initially (new piece of chalk).


Exited to see what it will draw next!



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